I discovered Argentine tango my first week as a freshmen at Portland State University in September of 2010. The first couple of times at the beginner’s practica were full of new challenges and warm friendly people, which hooked me instantly. Finally, I felt like I had found something that would allow me to push myself without having to compete against others. Of course, I would find this to not be a fully truthful statement, but in the beginning I was blinded by the creation of this dance that would create an endless insatiable appetite for more.

Tango has been one of the most prominent passions in my life, and I am a hundred-ten percent certain that it will stay that way the rest of my life.



2 thoughts on “Tango

  1. Hi Katie, Welcome to the world of blogging. I stumbled onto your blog in my READER. I’m a tanguera who started in my middle-age. How wonderful that you found Tango in your youth. I don’t dance as much as I use to. Currently I am posting a piece I wrote on Argentine Tango, an article of it each day. I have a few more segments left in the series if you’d like to check them out! Tangamente, Fae

    • I’m so happy to have my blog fall upon other tanguera’s eyes! I write this for myself, but I’m so glad that others have been able to appreciate this as well. Thank you for you comment, and after reading your articles/posts, I will for sure be following your additions to your tango story!

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