Summer Home

I’m now fully situated in the dormiest of dorms, Ondine. Moving all of my stuff over here was such a pain in the ass. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff! I don’t know how I accumulated so many things, but it actually took me three days worth of hauling Ikea-sized bags to finally finish the process.

To be honest, I have some mixed feelings about living here. First of all, it smells hardcore of old dorm. Secondly, I have to share a bathroom and a kitchen with some strange, though friendly, Asian exchange students. Lastly, there is no trash room, and it will be an actual adventure for the simple task of removing garbage from my room. On the flip side, my room is really homey, and I can tell that I will enjoy living here by myself this summer. Most of my furniture fits in the room, though there are still a few select items that I’m a little unsure what to do with. Despite that some of my friends and family have shown their disdain for the fact that there is carpet on the floor that is probably 30000 years old, I like having the softer-than-concrete feeling beneath my feet as I wake up in the morning. Plus, it’s easier to vacuum. But the two things that I like the most about my new space are: I can wear whatever clothes or non-clothes that I so choose, and no one will care or peak into my room from an adjacent wall; and that my view is SO much more awesome than my previous room.

Seriously, how could you not want to sit in this uber comfy chair all day and look out the window with the amazing view and the greenery nearby? Goodbye bed, hello papasan.

I love this chair, I love the view, and I love the way that this whole setup looks. I’m no interior designer, but I think that I made the most of what I had. I’m going to enjoy this spot while it lasts.