Somehow, the first 5 minutes of The Newsroom tells more truth than anyone wants to hear

Ok, so I might have been a little late in catching onto this show. People have been driving me crazy with constant Facebook posts about how great this show was, and about how everyone should go watch it, blah blah blah… I’m always a little leery when it comes to recommended shows, mostly because I don’t appreciate anything that resembles reality TV unless it involves watching it with some girlfriends, eating a carton of ice cream while trying to make ourselves feel better about some life drama. But as I was thinking about this, I remembered that HBO doesn’t tend to air trashy TV, and decided to give it a chance.

Within the first 5 minutes, I knew that I would be watching more of this series, and at least give it a shot. The very first episode opens with some kind of forum with a democrat, and republican, and a news anchor (Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels). There is some kind of emotional drama happening for a couple of minutes, but then the panel are asked by a woman who appears to be in college “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?” Will McAvoy answers with basically with what is dictated below:

All too true

I was immediately struck by this two minute rant, and could not help but keep my eyes glued for the next hour and 10 minutes. If anything, I would seriously recommend just watching the first 10 minutes of this episode. The truth spoken here is all too true, and the continuation of his explanation that follows this point cannot be argued. Something that I find so irritating is how people simply choose a political party, and bandwagon-it just so that they can say that they think they know what is happening in politics. Now, I would never say that I’m completely aware of what’s what,  or to understand how everything works, but I do know that before I vote for something or someone that I check up on what it is that I’m really doing. There is nothing that I hate more than someone who will join a party or a stance on something, and then not even be able to explain or argue their case more than “because I said so,”  “because it’s just the right/logical thing to do,” or worse yet “because I’m a republican/democrat/socialist/etc.”

The same logic applies to the question asked on this episode. In America, many of us tend to have this view that because we are American we are better. Yet all around the world, we see equal if not better standards of living, happiness, education, healthcare, economies… the list continues. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish that people would use their rationale to come up with views, instead of being lazy and taking the easy (and often unconsciously obtuse) option.

What I mostly appreciated from the first ten minutes of The Newsroom was its brutal honesty, and total bashing of ignorance.

And then I’m reminded why I’m not studying and working towards being a politician: I would always be angry.


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