Bajofondo – Pa’ Bailar (Bailarin En El Tren)

Here is one of the my all-time favorite alternative tango songs. It’s frequently played here in the Portland tango scene by various DJ’s. I first found this song as one of Starbucks’ song-of-the-week giveaways, and I thought the video was charming. It wasn’t until I started tango and began frequenting the alternative night on Wednesdays that I reheard the song and began to appreciate it for what it’s worth. So watch this video, but if you ever get a chance, listen to the version with Julieta Venegas; it’s brilliant.


Somehow, the first 5 minutes of The Newsroom tells more truth than anyone wants to hear

Ok, so I might have been a little late in catching onto this show. People have been driving me crazy with constant Facebook posts about how great this show was, and about how everyone should go watch it, blah blah blah… I’m always a little leery when it comes to recommended shows, mostly because I don’t appreciate anything that resembles reality TV unless it involves watching it with some girlfriends, eating a carton of ice cream while trying to make ourselves feel better about some life drama. But as I was thinking about this, I remembered that HBO doesn’t tend to air trashy TV, and decided to give it a chance.

Within the first 5 minutes, I knew that I would be watching more of this series, and at least give it a shot. The very first episode opens with some kind of forum with a democrat, and republican, and a news anchor (Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels). There is some kind of emotional drama happening for a couple of minutes, but then the panel are asked by a woman who appears to be in college “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?” Will McAvoy answers with basically with what is dictated below:

All too true

I was immediately struck by this two minute rant, and could not help but keep my eyes glued for the next hour and 10 minutes. If anything, I would seriously recommend just watching the first 10 minutes of this episode. The truth spoken here is all too true, and the continuation of his explanation that follows this point cannot be argued. Something that I find so irritating is how people simply choose a political party, and bandwagon-it just so that they can say that they think they know what is happening in politics. Now, I would never say that I’m completely aware of what’s what,  or to understand how everything works, but I do know that before I vote for something or someone that I check up on what it is that I’m really doing. There is nothing that I hate more than someone who will join a party or a stance on something, and then not even be able to explain or argue their case more than “because I said so,”  “because it’s just the right/logical thing to do,” or worse yet “because I’m a republican/democrat/socialist/etc.”

The same logic applies to the question asked on this episode. In America, many of us tend to have this view that because we are American we are better. Yet all around the world, we see equal if not better standards of living, happiness, education, healthcare, economies… the list continues. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish that people would use their rationale to come up with views, instead of being lazy and taking the easy (and often unconsciously obtuse) option.

What I mostly appreciated from the first ten minutes of The Newsroom was its brutal honesty, and total bashing of ignorance.

And then I’m reminded why I’m not studying and working towards being a politician: I would always be angry.

I need a job

This week, I’ve been overly frustrated with my failed attempts to even land a job interview. I know that I need a job this summer, so that I can have some source of steady income, reduce my student debt, and hopefully start saving to study abroad for next summer. Why is the Portland job market so bad? If  I’ve never had any experience with food, cash/tills, or professional customer service, then where am I supposed to start? I am always beat out by people who have had much more experience than me.

On Monday, I was called by Starbucks, who said that I could show up to a job fair the following day to be interviewed (alongside every other person who has applied online). I, however, have had RA summer training all this week until 1pm, and had to deny the offer. I was annoyed.

Then, that same day, I was in TartBerry, which is a fro-yo place up by Director Park. I happened to ask if they were hiring, and they said that they were, in fact, hiring for a newer store located on campus, and that I could drop a resume off at the store to be considered. I did just that. I walked into that store and handed over my resume to the owner, trying to show that I was very interested and friendly, and she said to call back within a day or so to see what the status was. I called back two days later, and she pretended like she didn’t know that I had turned in my resume, and then proceeded to tell me “no, we’re not hiring right now. But I’ll keep your resume on my desk–maybe something will pop up in the future.” In my disappointment, I looked to the PSU job database, and found… job openings for TartBerry! While the thought “what the hell” kept running in my head, I debated calling that lady back, or walking to the store and asking her if she had mistaken my resume. This would not have been a wise choice though, and I’m glad I just kept my disdain to myself.

I just don’t understand how I can’t even land a minimum wage job! My resume, while lacking in excessive professional experience, does have a good GPA shown, an almost annoying amount of leadership qualities and responsibilities, and through the number and variety of activities and skills demonstrates my ability to adapt, learn, and thrive when given the chance. I just wish there was a way that I could convey that to someone who would pay me for a real part-time job.

Summer Home

I’m now fully situated in the dormiest of dorms, Ondine. Moving all of my stuff over here was such a pain in the ass. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff! I don’t know how I accumulated so many things, but it actually took me three days worth of hauling Ikea-sized bags to finally finish the process.

To be honest, I have some mixed feelings about living here. First of all, it smells hardcore of old dorm. Secondly, I have to share a bathroom and a kitchen with some strange, though friendly, Asian exchange students. Lastly, there is no trash room, and it will be an actual adventure for the simple task of removing garbage from my room. On the flip side, my room is really homey, and I can tell that I will enjoy living here by myself this summer. Most of my furniture fits in the room, though there are still a few select items that I’m a little unsure what to do with. Despite that some of my friends and family have shown their disdain for the fact that there is carpet on the floor that is probably 30000 years old, I like having the softer-than-concrete feeling beneath my feet as I wake up in the morning. Plus, it’s easier to vacuum. But the two things that I like the most about my new space are: I can wear whatever clothes or non-clothes that I so choose, and no one will care or peak into my room from an adjacent wall; and that my view is SO much more awesome than my previous room.

Seriously, how could you not want to sit in this uber comfy chair all day and look out the window with the amazing view and the greenery nearby? Goodbye bed, hello papasan.

I love this chair, I love the view, and I love the way that this whole setup looks. I’m no interior designer, but I think that I made the most of what I had. I’m going to enjoy this spot while it lasts.


I’m currently sitting inside a hospital right now, waiting for my mom to come out of an operation. Hospitals are a little weird for me in that there is such a conflict of emotions. One minute I think to myself, “why didn’t I decide to do something productive with my life, like being a doctor or a nurse, and saving people?” And the next minute, I’m looking at all of the sick people, and realizing that I could never permanently work in an environment like this. It’s cold, and I can’t stop thinking about cleanliness, or trying to decide in my head who looks like they’re going to die and who’s only here for a minor operation.  And then I turn back to the idea of a profession that will never die, in which there will always be a need, and which could give me happy karma points for improving the health of others. I guess when it all comes down to it, I’m too much of a pansy to be a doctor, and I’m too lazy to go to school for so many years.

At least they have really good food in hospitals. This mango smoothie is awesome! :)

Escaping studying

all the cool RAs hanging out with milkshakes

Finals are finally here. You’d think that since this is my 6th time going through this experience that I’d be pro at preparing and acing my finals, without finding a way to express my constant misery every step of the way. Unfortunately, I think that I like to hear myself complain too much to adapt.

Regardless, to break from the studying for the economics final coming up on Tuesday, I accompanied 4 other reslife people to Sharis where we indulged in delicious milkshakes. It’s always a good time: bad food but good company.

Tonight I’m hanging out at SE Grind, which is the BEST place to go when you need someplace to hang out at 2 am. They always have something yummy on the counter or suggested on the menu, but I always stick to the Chai. They have these notebooks that are open for the public to write in, and every time I’m here I can’t help but take a little peak into other people’s lives. It’s interesting to see how some people try really hard to leave some kind of inspirational passage about love or the human condition, and on the next page is some who finds a creative and totally unprecedented way to write “dick.” Tonight Ryan and I are being entertained by a bunch of bros who have 1) obviously never been here before, and 2) don’t realize that they’re obnoxious and completely ignorant conversation is much louder than they think it is…

Hello world!

Well, here goes the first try at a real blog. My goal is to look back on this post, and think “Wow, I couldn’t think of anything more creative?”

But in all seriousness, I’m hoping for this to be a creative outlet for me to express my thoughts and views of the world. It can document my life so that I can look back and remember all the cool things that I experience.

Posts, pictures, and commentary to come soon!